Beautiful’s surreal and poetic account is like a series of disturbing paintings that open new doors onto the infinite landscapes of longing. Her words evoke parallel worlds where dark passions reign and whose characters are propelled by the implacable logic of their desires. Their paths sometimes cross, but they always set out again alone, ready for a new encounter, a new affair. Each of them holds a mirror to the viewer, reflecting the hidden parts of the self that sometimes surface in sleep. Brassard has collaborated extensively with Robert Lepage, both as an actor and a writer. Since 2001, she has emerged as an author in her own right, creating an astonishing theatre of metamorphoses in which she portrays various characters through her ingenious treatment of the voice.

Director, Screenwriter: Raymond St-Jean (adapted from Marie Brassard original play)
Producer: Michel Ouellette (Cine Qua Non Media)
Director of Photography: Jean-François Lord
Production Designer: Louis Hudon
Costume Designer: Ginette Grenier
Editor: Philippe Ralet, Raymond St-Jean
Music: Martin Rouillard, Serge Laforest
Cast: Marie Brassard, Marthe Turgeon, Bobby Beshro, Vivianne Audet, Léa Thouin, Sergiy Marchenko, François-Xavier Dufour, Étienne Jacques

  •  Winner Tremplin pour le monde ARTV price at the International Festival Of Films On Art 2009