Raymond St-Jean


Michael Jackson One

Published on May 25, 2013   |   Category Multimedia Designer

Michael Jackson ONE is a sonic, tonic fusion of acrobatics, dance and visuals that takes the audience on an immersive journey through the music and spirit of Michael Jackson. Raymond St-Jean is the image content co-designer of this new Cirque du Soleil production, with Jimmy Lakatos and Dago Gonzalez.



Published on August 1, 2012   |   Category Multimedia Designer

Zarkana is an acrobatic rock opera that blends circus arts with the surreal to create a world where physical virtuosity rubs shoulders with the strange. The story follows the magician Zark in an abandoned theatre populated by a motley collection of off-the-wall characters and incomparable acrobats. Zarkana is a visual vortex set in a slightly twisted musical and acrobatic fantasy universe where, little by little, chaos and craziness give way to festivity and love regained.


The World of Michel Tremblay

Published on June 21, 2012   |   Category Multimedia Designer

Musée de la civilisation pays tribute to this great Québec playwright and author by exploring The World of Michel Tremblay in a major multimedia installation. This exhibition, designed and directed by Raymond St-Jean and Jimmy Lakatos, was presented in Quebec city from March 14, 2012, to August 18, 2013 and at the bibliothèque nationale du Québec in Montreal in the spring of 2014.



Published on June 16, 2012   |   Category Multimedia Designer

Zaia is the dream of a young girl who journeys into space on a strange, yet familiar voyage of self-discovery. As she travels, she encounters the beauty of humanity and eventually brings it back with her to share with the inhabitants of earth. Raymond St-Jean was the video content designer of the show, a Cirque du Soleil production presented in Macau from 2008 to 2011.