Raymond St-Jean


Ghost Town

Published on July 31, 2012   |   Category Film Director

Lük Fleury’s great-grandmother Madeleine lived in a mining village at the beginning of the last century and through a masterful pastiche of interviews, archival photographs, voice-overs and his own choreography, the master jig dancer and choreographer depicts her life. Ghost Town also shows a new role for contemporary jigging and Lük Fleury is one of its foremost creators.


Director: Raymond St-Jean
Producer: Michel Ouellette (Cine Qua Non Media)
Screenwriters: Raymond St-Jean, Marie-Christine Letourneux, Antoine Saito
Directors Of Photography: Ronald Plante, Bernard Fougères
Choreographer: Lük Fleury
Music: Maxime Lepage
Costume Designer: Ginette Grenier
Editor: Philippe Ralet
Production Designer: Louis Hudon

  • Golden Sheaf Award of Excellence at the 2006 Yorkton Film Festival
  • Nominater for three Gémeaux 2006
  • Honourable mention at the InShadow video festival 2011

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