Raymond St-Jean


The Shadow Of Death

Published on December 5, 2008   |   Category Film Director

The life of Franz Schubert is told in dance and music. Featuring original choreographies from Estelle Clareton.

The Shadow Of Death from Raymond St-Jean on Vimeo.


Director: Raymond St-Jean
Producer Michel Ouellette
Screenwriter: Francis Delfour
Choreographer: Estelle Clareton
Director of Photography: John Dyer
Production Designer: Guillaume Lord
Costume Designer: Ginette Grenier
Editor: Ricardo Fuoco
Narrator: Dorothée Berryman

Cast: Louis-Martin Charest, Annebruce Falconer, Pier-Loup Lacour, Sylvain Lafortune, Marie Guinard, Étienne Dupuis, Darren Bonin, Stéphane Labbé, Nathaniel Siry-Fortin, Daniel Villeneuve, Francies Delfour, Sébastien Tétrault, Catherine Viau, Nancy Rivest, Soula Trougakos,  Blaise Tardif, Pascal Contamine.

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