Raymond St-Jean


Cabaret Neiges Noires (french version)

Published on March 15, 1999   |   Category Film Director

On a bleak and misty night, Jean Jean, a soul-sick and tormented spectator, watches a macabre show in a dingy cabaret. On stage, the pianist and mistress of ceremonies, known as the Priestess, accompanies a cast of ravaged characters as they perform a tragicomic routine that evokes both the world of dreams and the chaos of contemporary society. A musical show consisting of disjointed cabaret acts, Cabaret Neiges Noires offers a potent mix of satire and fantasy. Featuring burlesque, song and dance, performed brilliantly on stage, as well as a dreamlike ballet which unfolds in settings both real and imaginary, Cabaret Neiges Noires explores the varying, intertwined destinies of its characters. In french.

Cabaret Neiges Noires from Raymond St-Jean on Vimeo.

Director: Raymond St-Jean
Producer: Michel Ouellette (Cine Qua Non Films)
Screenplay: Dominic Champagne
Camera: Ronald Plante
Music: Pierre Benoît
Makeup: Angelo Barsetti
Costumes: Linda Brunelle
Production designer: David Gaucher

With: Didier Lucien, Suzanne Lemoine, Dominique Quesnel, Norman Helms, Roger Larue, Julie Castonguay, Jean Petitclerc, Estelle Esse, Dominic Champagne, André Barnard

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